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Holidayz In Retreat - https://holidayzinretreat.com

ss Wed, 02 Dec 20

https://holidayzinretreat.com promised the EPP refund and the cruise booking + land holidays, still now they did not the members the EPP and also no or very late reply to email. They Claim their office is closed in

Holidayz In Retreat - Sales rep calling new people!

ss Sat, 28 Nov 20

they claim by email they closed their registered office, and will reply only by email, and their owner is affected by COVID since a month ago. They should keep their promises to the paid members at

Holidayz In Retreat - EPP and Holiday booking is at RISK

ss Sat, 28 Nov 20

they did not refund my EPP till now and they even send me email telling forwarded to finance department which does not exist,, and did not reply since 6 months. all phone numbers are disconnected and

Holidayz In Retreat - Travel agency scam

Ranjit Mukherjee  Fri, 16 Oct 20

Holidayz In Retreat is a travel agency based out of Deira. They had their office in Technic Building, Salah Ul Din Street, Deira. I purchased a travel voucher for 6,500 AED and they had promised

Holidayz In Retreat - Fraud company - Fraudsters number one

fareed ahmed zafar Tue, 13 Oct 20

Dear Friend, I am also one of the victom of "Holidayz In Retreas" , Booked "CRUISE" for my family of five, on 15/01/2020, with REG.ID : HIRS/1209/03, from Dubai. As I applied for refund, No answer

Royal Regis - Refund from Royal Regis

imran Mon, 12 Oct 20

Refund from Royal Regis Dear Friends I am a Victim of Royal Regis Scam and I will save you all from these Scammers First of all they don’t have the appropriate trade license to do this Business

Holidayz In Retreat - Fraud company

Ajay Wed, 07 Oct 20

Hello friends I also have similar response as mentioned by other victims of this company. Whatever they commit at the time of signing the contract is different in reality. I have been trying to get my

Holidayz in Retreat - Fraudsters number one

Anita Sat, 03 Oct 20

Certainly they are cheats!!!! They should be jailed for being fraudsters. THey do not have any customer care Landline number and mobile number no one picks. All offices in Dubai have opened, but they are

Royal Regis Fraud Scam - Royal Regis scam

lorena Tue, 08 Sep 20

how can I get a refund? I need help ang advise coz we are victim also?

Royal Regis Fraud Scam - Royal Regis is very poor in service

Tanendra Mon, 27 Apr 20

Royal Regis is very poor in service. I have paid their fee at one time , after that they have not responded till 3 months , to start services , even after followup. When i


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