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United Arab Emirates

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Ranjit Mukherjee
Fri, 16 Oct 20

Travel agency scam

United Arab Emirates

Holidayz In Retreat is a travel agency based out of Deira. They had their office in Technic Building, Salah Ul Din Street, Deira. I purchased a travel voucher for 6,500 AED and they had promised to arrange for a 10 day holiday this December after the pandemic. Unfortunately, I am unable to contact them now as the office closed down and none of the staff are reachable on phone. Even Ms Fatima and Arti who answered on 050 3601506 are not contactable. It is shocking to find a travel agency disappear overnight with the clients money. This is a complete fraud!

Sat, 28 Nov 20

Sales rep calling new people!

they claim by email they closed their registered office, and will reply only by email, and their owner is affected by COVID since a month ago. They should keep their promises to the paid members at the earliest, y providing the necessary services, first by providing a contact number and office which members can visit

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