Privacy Policy

We care about the privacy of our users. By using the Site or the Service, you are consenting to have your personal data transferred to and processed in our website only.

Your Profile

When you register with us, you create your own public profile and configure your own privacy settings. You can view your profile to verify what information you provide is being shared publicly and you can edit your profile to remove information you do not want to be displayed publicly. We may use information about you that we collect from other sources, including but not limited to newspapers and internet sources such as blogs, instant messaging services, Platform developers, social media websites and other users of our Websites, to supplement your profile.

No Selling Of Your Personal Data

we are not in the business of selling your information to any third party.

Your Instruction

We will share, disclose, and update your Personal Data in accordance with your instructions, including any applicable Agreement, Terms of Conditions, and Terms of Use.

Third Party Services/Marketplace Vendors

When you access our Platform and Solutions, you will have access to purchase from third parties. For example, in our Marketplace, you are able to engage with third party companies or individuals as service providers (called “Vendors”) to process and support your business. When you enable a service or purchase a product with our Vendors, we may share some of your Personal Data. These third parties are not owned or controlled by TIMESHARE CHEATS and they have their own sets of terms and conditions and privacy policies.


At TIMESHARE CHEATS, we take security of data seriously and is a priority. Our Websites and Services take appropriate precautions to protect Personal Data. Your account information is located on a secured server protected by identity and access management checks. All of our Services are served using Transport Layer Security (TLS) to protect data in transit, and all passwords are one-way hashed prior to storage to prevent discovery in the event of a data breach. Although we allow you to set privacy options that limit access to your pages, we cannot guarantee that information, during transmission through the internet or while stored on our system or otherwise in our care, will be absolutely safe from intrusion by others. Please be aware that no security measures are perfect or impenetrable.